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What others say

"... mixture of empathy and coolness (...) Freiburg's intelligent and undogmatic landmark. "                                                                                                                                 Taz

"... shapes opinions in the left counter-public "

Frankfurter Rundschau

"The magazine is a refreshing antidote to the mixture of half-knowledge, google research and baseless allegations which currently prevail in the media."

Mark Terkessidis, Author

"One of the main independent magazines on North-South issues (...) Consistent commitment to internationalism and the importance of analysis over the slogan."

Neues Deutschland


"... as long as iz3w continues to bite, everything is but half as bad."

Albrecht Kieser, Rheinisches JournalistInnenbüro


Press articles about the iz3w are to be found here:

taz, Jungle World, Lateinamerika-Nachrichten, M - Menschen Machen Medien


This English translation was done within the project “Free translation of websites for NGOs and non-profit-making associations”, managed by Mondo Services. Translator: Chafyn Hörnecke

Wir über uns” auf deutsch

About us” in english

Qui sommes nous” en français

Quiénes somos” en español

"Quem somos" em português