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Short Chronicle of iz3w and the "Third World Action e.V."


The newly founded AG Bildung reflects on the need for critical education and offers, among other things, project days in schools and for youth groups.

If you are interested in the more recent developments in the iz3w, we offer you our Tätigkeitsbericht (annual report) from last year.

2006 goes online. This education and information project focuses on German colonialism, together with its current after-effects.

The archive of the iz3w goes online on the Archivverbund archiv³. On there are about 200,000 articles and it is growing every day.


The website goes online. With EU-funding, the project FernWeh takes up its educational work on tourism critique.


On the anniversary of 500 years "Conquista", the ADW e.V. initiates an EU-funded project on European colonialism.


The iz3w is closely involved in the nationwide campaign against the International Monetary Fund IMF.

The iz3w rents the outhouse of Kronenstrasse 16 a. in Freiburg, where it is housed to this day.


The booklet "Sure, it was beautiful - Tourism in the Third World" is published. It is the successful start of a long-lasting (self)critical study on long-distance tourism.


The ADW workgroup Development Policy presents the book „Entwicklungspolitik – Hilfe oder Ausbeutung?“ ("Development Policies - Help or Exploitation?"). With a total circulation of 24,000 copies, it advances to a standard work of left critique on development aid.


The ADW e.V. sharply criticizes the "Third World Campaign" organised by church groups: "As an anti-capitalist group, we cannot support any of the parties campaigning for the next elections. In the past three years, even the last remaining sceptics have lost all illusions about SPD policies."


The iz3w takes up its work in the Lorettostraße in Freiburg. In November, the “Blätter des iz3w” ("iz3w Papers") is published for the first time. During the initial years, these actually earn their name, being a more or less loose collection of paper sheets. The content of the publication focuses on the organizational development of an "opposition to development policy in the B.R.D.", which was to bundle political forces from “left to left-liberal" (iz3w Papers No.1).


During autumn, Aktion Dritte Welt begins its work as a "special unit" under the supervision of the Freiburg Uni-ASTA (Students Union). The focus of the student initiative is to "build a lobby for the Third World" and "aid for the development aid”. The newly created Ministry of Development under Erhard Eppler (SPD) is explicitly supported. Almost 4,000 visitors attend a panel discussion of the ADW with Erhard Eppler, Günter Grass and Ernst Bloch. The weekly newspaper “Die ZEIT” publishes a dossier on the ADW.

It isn't long until the charitable efforts of the ADW e.V. change towards a fundamentally critical stance on relations between the North and South (for the content-related shifts in the ADW from 1968 to 1998, see the in-depth article Von der Konsum-Kritik zum Kritik-Konsum [From consumerism critique to consuming critique]). From now on, the newly established information centre 3. world (iz3w) prefers providing information inland to sending drugs abroad. Hence, an archive is set up and a number of leaflets are published.


This English translation was done within the project “Free translation of websites for NGOs and non-profit-making associations”, managed by Mondo Services. Translator: Chafyn Hörnecke

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